Pie by bike – U District’s Piecycle getting lots of attention

Piecycle in the U District is getting a good amount of attention recently, and for good reason. They bake interesting homemade pies and deliver them to your door via bicycle. $20/full pie, $3/slice. And according to their facebook page, they have been selling out of pie a lot lately.

Aside from the KOMO report above (keep up the good bike stories!), CakeSpy profiled Piecycle and the UW student behind it, Max Kraushaar:

Why mobile over brick and mortar? I like riding my bike, and I don’t have the capital to own a brick and mortar location. Plus, pie is better enjoyed in the comfort of your home or wherever you choose.

I am so happy to see Max and Piecycle really taking off. Unlike other businesses with bike delivery (which is also cool, don’t get me wrong), Piecycle’s business model is built around the bike and cheap mobility. It’s brilliant and simple at the same time. Currently, they only deliver to the U District and adjacent neighborhoods, but say they are looking to expand.

Good work, Max! Now, to the rest of you, let’s get more stuff like this going.

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4 Responses to Pie by bike – U District’s Piecycle getting lots of attention

  1. Jeremy says:

    Studies show this service improves hand-pie coordination.

    • Frosene Sacco says:

      Since last October, I’ve been working on a similar business! Love the bike for creating an alternative and sustainable business. Look for me by June! I’m also a baker, but I won’t be peddling pies, but a family recipe of cultural delight!
      Enjoy! Let’s keep those bike ideas coming!

  2. Sara says:

    I too have had the idea to sell baked goods on a bicycle. my idea is slightly different but not much. any tips for someone considering doing something similar?

  3. Sara says:

    I too had the idea to do a pastery on bike. I love to ride. any ideas for someone considering the idea?

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