Bike News Roundup: That dreaded engineering manual

The Manual: The Movie from Cantankerous Titles on Vimeo.

  • To start things off on a solemn note, Arizona cyclists ride in honor of Rep. Giffords. Giffords went on a bike ride the night before the shooting.
  • But in happy news, a study in Baltimore shows that bike projects create twice as many jobs per million dollars spent as car-related projects. How many jobs will the Deep Bore Tunnel create? How many million dollars does it cost? Hmm…
  • Missoula to St. Louis on a bike? Sounds grueling (and fun!). Well try it on bikes from 1896 on poor roads. The Buffalo Soldiers did it, reports Tubulocity.
  • Custom frame builder Natalie Ramsland talks about biking while pregnant.
  • Our region’s rainy winter rides sure have funny names, Biking Bis points out.

This is an open thread. What year do you think we’ll get cycle tracks on Rainier Blvd? I’m going with 2013…

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