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December 21 – Solo crash

Ann crashed on MLK near Massachusetts due to a crack in the pavement. Sounds like this has happened before. Anyone else have problems with this crack?

Moving downhill at ~20mph on MLK southbound approaching Massachusetts intersection. I shifted left from the bike lane to center of car lane to increase my space buffer, but hit the lengthwise-running pavement seam on that section of road, didn’t see / react fast enough to avoid or maintain balance. This seam is made by big pavement sections that are raised ~1″ in places. Sounds very similar to circumstances in

Fell to left on my side and skidded, my stuffed saddlebag thankfully taking much of impact and skid friction. Whacked head enough to crack helmet, but no loss of consciousness or even headaches.

December 16 – Collision with car

A combination of brake malfunction and a lack of turn signal lead to this wreck on Jackson at 6th.

Right hook. I was riding down Jackson and came upon a red light at the intersection on Jackson and 6th. During my ride my back brake had become loose and as a result I knew I would not be able to make a complete stop before I met the back of the SUV in front of me. My only option was to pass the SUV on the right and turn right up 6th. The SUV was at a full stop with no turn signal on when I started to come up alongside. While I was in their blind spot the driver decided to turn right (possibly for a parking space they spotted). As a result of this action I was hit by the right front end of the vehicle, and my poor front bike tire and fork found themselves crushed under the weight of a tire.

December 15 – Verbal threat

Sounds like this angry SoDo driver is having some real life problems (I hope he never acts on this threat).

While standing waiting for light to change, motorist (white male, 40’s) in older, dark (brown, maroon) Chevy/Dodge pickup license B6197B (best recall) yells “fucking cyclists.” Me, “what?” Him, “we should be killing 2 of you a day.” He then sped a right on red turn.

December 13 – Collision with car

I’m glad this did not end up worse.

Along a congested 5th Ave, I was passing a bus on the right, while the driver was passing the bus on the left. He somewhat-aggressively changed lanes to cut in front of the bus in order to get into the right lane himself. He encountered stopped traffic so had to stop immediately at which point it was too late for me to avoid him. I (somewhat-aggressively myself) was anticipating his continued forward movement and was going to pass on his left to avoid collision, but couldn’t stop in time. I bumped his rear bumper (no damage to bike or car), and he graciously opened his door to inquire about my well-being. I told him I was OK and to “Let it go.”

December 16 – Vehicle obstacle

Not exactly a bike a problem, though clearly an issue. I hope the complainant doesn’t get hurt. Perhaps worth a police call if it persists?

White pickup truck with Trailer parked on sidewalk (parallel with sidewalk), completely blocking the sidewalk. (2nd time this has happened). Owner appears to be violent and willing to become physical if confronted.

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