BikeWise: Truck runs biker off road at 1st and Spokane

The driver of a truck with a “God Bless John Wayne” bumper sticker allegedly ran someone riding a bike off the road, according to a report on BikeWise. The self-reported incident occurred in October while heading south on Spokane Street. Again, the person reporting the incident was not happy with SPD’s response.

From BikeWise:

Riding southbound on 1st ave S approaching a red light at Spokane St, the lane narrowed because of construction. I was riding on the right side of the lane, when I was passed by a Chevy Silverado truck, WA license plate B10266D. The truck passed so close to me that I was able to reach out and knock on the door as it went by, as a signal to the driver that he was too close.

He didn’t appreciate this, so he swerved to the right as I was next to his rear wheel. He completely cut off the space between his truck and the curb, while hitting the brakes. I braked hard, as his rear fender hit me from the side. We both came to a stop (he was stopped by red light traffic), and I went around to his driver’s side window to have a little conversation.

I didn’t immediately call 911 because I was on my way to work. Once in Kent, the SPD wouldn’t come to take a report. That night I went to the SPD station, and the officer wouldn’t take me seriously. He couldn’t believe I rode my bike to Kent from Seattle – he looked at me like I was homeless (I’m an engineer). He said that since I didn’t have a photo of the driver, they couldn’t prove he was driving at the time. Also, he said that just because the driver cut me off & hit me, I couldn’t prove it was intentional – it could be “just bad driving”. Thanks for the support, SPD.

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7 Responses to BikeWise: Truck runs biker off road at 1st and Spokane

  1. biliruben says:

    Hey – at least he didn’t get cited or arrested.

    All-in-all the best interaction that I’ve ever heard about between SPD and someone on a bike.

  2. Andres Salomon says:

    People, if a motorist leaves the scene of an accident (assuming they’re aware that there was an accident) without exchanging name/insurance/license information, it’s legally a hit & run.

    Report that accident *immediately* (either to emergency services, or their insurance company, depending upon the damage/severity of the incident). Your employer will surely understand your showing up late to work if you explain that you were hit by a car. Obviously, the polite thing to do would be to call your employer from the scene of the accident as well, to let them know you’ll be late.

    Don’t assume you’ll be thinking straight after an accident. You may be in shock, and you’ll certainly be full of adrenaline. Figure out a standard course of action _now_, drill it into your head, and apply accordingly to any future incidents. Hopefully you’ll never need it, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

    • biliruben says:

      “Standard course of action?” Are you kidding? Have you ever interacted with SPD?

    • charles says:

      I think the only time police to do anything in a hit and run is when some goes to the hospital. I would really like more info on what to do in these situations.

  3. JAT says:

    “Your employer will surely understand your showing up late to work if you explain that you were hit by a car.” – I’m not sure this is true. I’m pretty sure a lot of employers find bike commuters eccentric at best if not downright problematic. The SPD absolutely should take a report on this – their notion that we’re all prepared to do their legwork for them (take a picture to prove the man was driving?!?) is lazy and appaling. Last I heard “bad driving” is illegal too. So maybe you can’t prove intentional assault and battery, but negligence (failure to excercise due care) – slam dunk.

    What’s the guy’s license number?

  4. JAT says:

    Oh, I see it’s posted over at Bikewise… B10266D

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