Mudslides obscure parts of Burke-Gilman near Lake City – UPDATED

Several mudslides are obscuring the Burke-Gilman Trail near Lake City. One of the slides has taken out power lines and will not be cleared until the line work is finished.

Reader David Walls reports how he got around the slides this morning:

Just got in off the BG and there is one slide that is blocking the trail just after 125th if you are heading out. The work around is up 125th to 42nd to 41st where there is a squiggly street that will take you back down to the trail. There are a few smaller slides that are passable with a little ramming speed.

From Parks and Recreation:

There are multiple small and minor slides along the Burke-Gilman Trail, one large one and one of significance.

  • Just North of 147th: crossing covering [minor]
  • 14012 Riviera:                                  [minor]
  • – UPDATED — 13552 Riviera:   large slide completely covering trail, trees holding debris from going into Riviera; Parks crews are working on clearing this slide
  • – UPDATED — 15282 Riviera:   major slide on top small small slide from last night; power lines down; trees, power lines blocking Burke-Gilman Trail and Rivera; City Light crews are working on the power lines issue; Parks crews will not work on this area until City Light has finished its work.
  • 12040 Riviera:                                 small slide in ditch, not over trail [minor]
  • 11530 Riviera:                                  in ditch, not over trail [small-med]
  • 10692 Riviera:                                  in ditch, not over trail [minor]
  • Just past 97th St intersection:       covering most of trail (just north of Matthews Beach) [small]
  • Just prior to bridge where trail crosses Sand Point Way:    partially covering trail (@ Matthews Beach) [small-med]

Anyone else out there have issues riding this morning due to mudslides or ponding water?

UPDATE 1:04 PM: I should have updates about evening commute conditions on the trail later this afternoon.

UPDATE 2:04 PM: Commenter biliruben pointed out a KOMO video with good footage of the slide:

UPDATE 3:27 PM: SDOT says all Burke-Gilman slides have been cleared except for the largest one. Trail will be closed this evening from 125th to 145th. From Joelle Hammerstad:

All the slides on the trail have been cleared, except that big one. The trail remains closed between 125th and 145th. We have established a detour, but it’s far from ideal. Please caution riders that the detour is slick, steep and dark. We are getting signs placed right now.

Here are the details:

Northbound riders will be detoured off the trail at 125th
They will go up the hill to the T to 42nd Ave. NE
Turn north on 42nd Ave. NE
Continue to 42nd Place NE (where the road splits, take the downhill option)
That road winds considerably, but you’ll hit the trail again at 145th Ave. NE

Here’s a map of the detour. Note that there are some pretty steep hills here, and it will be dark and slick:

UPDATE 3:47 PM: If I were you, I would count on the trail still being closed for your morning commute. They can’t work while it’s dark, says Hammerstad, and it’s almost sunset. Barring any new slides, though, the trail should be in decent shape otherwise. Be sure to report your commute conditions in the comments.

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5 Responses to Mudslides obscure parts of Burke-Gilman near Lake City – UPDATED

  1. biliruben says:

    I noticed that list as well, after watching the KOMO copter hovering over the lake.

    The odd thing is that the major slide that all the news agencies picked up – just N. of 125th St – isn’t on the list. It wiped out the Burke, harmed a waterfront house, and has a couple of large houses much closer to the bluff than they were yesterday.

    Komo’s got the best multimedia:

  2. biliruben says:

    Just a heads-up – Going north on this route, 125th is VERY steep. Unless you have 3 rings or knees/thighs/lungs of steel, you will probably end up walking it. No shame in it, I do it all the time.

    123rd St is a bit more gentle/windy, but just a bit. Overall, you have to climb higher than 125th though.

    If it’s accessible, which it sounds like it might be, going south there are stairs at 130th which would be the easiest way up to 42nd Ave.

  3. m says:

    Has the slide been cleared? Is the Burke Gilman open between 125th and 145th? I am hoping to commute again but can’t find a recent update.

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      It should be open. but worst case, the new detour should be easy.

    • biliruben says:

      I went by last night to check it out. There is still heavy machinery on the trail, but it looked pretty clear and the detour along Riviera is open (don’t have to make the climb to 42nd). The trail will likely open today.

      I also chatted with the owner who’s house took the brunt of the slide. Said it wasn’t any big deal, and they sustained almost no damage.

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