Bike News Roundup: 80% of CPH bikers ride through the winter

Winter in the Cycling City from Copenhagenize on Vimeo.

80 percent of bikers in Copenhagen continue riding during winter months. (h/t Tubulocity)

A ten-year-old UK boy who lost a school friend to a bike-car wreck has invented a device that makes a car radio beep when a bicycle is nearby. It’s called the Bike Bleeper, named after his friend Lee who died when a driver hit him while he was riding his bike.

NPR’s Morning Edition reports on the rise of bike commuting.

A Boston suburb is fighting a bike path that would cross the river that separates it from the city. Their reason? They fear the crime it would bring

Holiday shopping (most shopping, for that matter) on Beacon Hill was done locally before the War, says Dylan at Beacon Hill Blog. Also, a bunch of it was likely done by bike.

Often, people are uneasy about giving up their cars and taking the bus because they don’t want to give up “control” of their transportation. Carla Saulter (you may know her as Bus Chick) wrote a column for Grist about how driving does not guarantee control. And definitely not in a Seattle snow storm.

Public bike storage in the Odd Fellows Building basement? Maybe…

Totally rad bike racks. Winners of a rack design competition installed in Toronto.

LA bike polo fights for space (hmm, this all sounds very familiar…)

Are you jealous of Copenhagen’s bike infrastructure? Well, now they want to turn some of their busiest suburban commuter bike lanes into bike superhighways four meters wide in each direction. Can you imagine 13-foot bike lanes in each direction from Renton to Seattle (or, better yet, the amount of bike traffic to fill it)?

Thanksgiving shopping could either be a headache or an adventure. As a side note, the term “adventure errand” needs to catch on. Love it.

A 2WD Sports Utility Bicycle is great in the snow!

And, in case this giant list of links still has not satisfied you, check out Bike Portland’s Monday Roundup.

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  1. I can imagine a bike superhighway HERE, from Renton to Snohomish. It is a REAL possibility and it would be on the old BNSF rail line, currently called the Eastside Rail Corridor. It would be a major North-South trail linking all the major trails we already have: Cedar River Trail, I90 trail, Burke Gilman, Sammamish River trail, the Centennial Trail in Snohomish and the planned 520 Bridge trail. It could be our Bicycle Pedestrian Superhighway.

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