Bike News Roundup: Bikejuju XXX (no, not that kind of XXX)

Cycling Amsterdam from Tangled Nest on Vimeo.

The video above was taken by Tom at Bikejuju while he was in Amsterdam on his way to Africa.

Baltimore passed a biker’s bill of rights. My favorite is definitely: “1. Cyclists have the right to travel safely and free of fear.” (hat tip Great City)

Penny Leclair, a tandem rider Eric at Tubulocity wrote about months ago after going to the Lighthouse for the Blind’s Deaf Blind Retreat, wrote a guest post for Tubulocity that is truly astounding. She describes how riding a tandem with someone gives you a clearer insight into their character than you could pick up from a mere conversation. She describes biking in terms of her sense of touch, likening tandem biking to dancing. It’s incredible. MUST READ.

OK, so you’re a parent who puts in the extra effort to make sure your family takes as many trips by bike as possible. That’s great! Now, next time you move, you and your family should try moving by bike like the Davis’s from Davis.

Sorry, Seattle. No Livestrong Challenge in 2011.

Walking in Seattle takes a look at some ideas SDOT is trying out to try to make Aurora safer (this is Part 2 of a series I linked to a week ago).

Sorry to end on a downer, but David Weaving in Connecticut appears to be staging a serious campaign to win the prestigious “Biggest Asshole Ever, No Seriously” award. In platinum-grade douchebag fashion, Weaving is suing the parents of a boy he ran over and killed while driving over 80 mph (in a 45) while drunk (UPDATE: He has a history of drunk driving, but was not drunk at the time). Why would the man who killed a couple’s son sue them (aside from him being a complete pile of shit)? Because the boy was not wearing a helmet at the time, he says they contributed to his death. Now, OK, just SAYING something like that would be enough to make Satan’s A-List, but he’s suing them for $15,000 for all the pain he has suffered because he’s in prison for killing their son.

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    And Feet First has posted a piece on the 125th street rechannelization, which is bike relevant too.

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