Bike News Roundup: Seattle Traffic Deaths Thermometer, 1940

StreetFilms has a new video (above) that reminds us how much further we need to go to catch up to Portland when it comes to neighborhood biking infrastructure.

Craig Hollow has written a parody manifesto that can only be described as awesome. Enjoyable reading whether for everyone from aggressive bikers to bike-hating car drivers.

Walking in Seattle has started a series about how Aurora Ave sucks to walk near. In part one, Troy looks at Aurora’s outdated design (he also posted the remarkably awesome photo above).

Police in Queensland, Australia pulled over a 15-year-old boy for riding his bike without wearing a helmet, as is the law. However, instead of ticketing him or giving him a ride home, they forced the boy to deflate his tires (I’m sorry, “tyres”) and left him stranded several kilometers from his home. I guess maybe that’s better than a ticket…

This story has really made the rounds, but it is pretty remarkable. Martin Erzinger, a Morgan Stanley wealth manager for extremely rich people, hit a biker in Colorado and drove away, leaving him for dead on the side of the road. He pulled over down the road to call the Mercedes auto assistance service to report damage to his 2010 vehicle and have them tow it. Prosecutors, however, are reluctant to charge him with a felony because they fear he may lose his job. You can sign a petition urging a felony charge, though prosecutors argue the plea deal is more punitive than a felony charge (yeah, sure…)

But who needs class warfare when you’ve got AMPHIBIOUS BICYCLES!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Perhaps the cycling community will never agree on the helmet issue, but maybe we can all come together and focus getting people proper lights. On a related note, it gets dark earlier. Are you ready? Probably not as ready as these folx.

Get more bike readin’ over at Bike Portland.

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  1. Val says:

    Being forced to deflate your tyres (or tires, if you have them) is definitely better than a ticket. Who leaves home without a pump?

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