SDOT releases alternate bike route map for Mercer East construction

For those unfamiliar with this confusing area, which has been made even more confusing by all the construction, here is a map of recommended bike routes from SDOT.

Not too helpful to those who ride there often. If you want to cross Aurora, your options suck, like always. One sidewalk on Broad is open, so that is an option. But those sidewalks are too narrow, especially when there are twice as many people walking and riding on them because the other is closed. They are maybe five feet in width, with speeding traffic on one side and a concrete wall on the other. Mercer is not much better.

I will say, riding on 9th is actually kind of nicer now that all the cars are out of the way. I haven’t been there while crews are working, though. The map also marks Westlake as an alternative route, but I would caution against this route if you have skinny tires. The trolley tracks cross the road at a very difficult-to-avoid angle:

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