A ‘former political-lobbying powerhouse’ – Bike News Roundup

Clowns Liberate Bike Lanes from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

The above is an old film from Streetfilms, but it seems well-suited for Halloween. It was linked in Elly Blue’s newest column at Grist about those darned New York scofflaw bicyclists!

Ride the City wants the New York Times to change one Automotive section a year to a Bicycles section. Hey Seattle Times, you could do the same…on second thought, don’t do that. Your commenters might die of exhaustion if they have to write vile things on that many bike stories.

An L.A. bike blog considers John Forester’s vehicular cycling philosophy, calling it the “biggest squandered opportunity for inclusive cycling in the last forty years.”

Josh King, a bike commuter living in Cap Hill, wrote an intriguing list of ten rules he follows when riding. They include rules like, “Obeying traffic rules is not your first priority” and “Don’t signal.” What do you think? (read his justifications first)

Cienna Madrid (or an editor) at the the Stranger called Cascade Bicycle Club a “former political-lobbying powerhouse.” It seems a little premature to declare Cascade’s future bleak …

Bicycle advocates in Missouri have all but won their fight against a proposed St. Charles County ban on bikes on certain county roads. They whittled the law all the way down to a simple law requiring lights for riding at night. Good job!

Harvard Book Store will deliver books to local customers via bike.

Does this root about 2/3 of the way down the hill on the trail near 520 sound familiar to anyone else out there?

This is open thread. If anyone knows of any bikey Halloween stuff, write about it in the comments.

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2 Responses to A ‘former political-lobbying powerhouse’ – Bike News Roundup

  1. biliruben says:

    Great video!

    Yeah, I dodge that root nearly every day. I used to jump it, but stopped after bonking my (helmeted) head on a low-hanging branch. You then ride through some sort of NOAA installed sauna. I hold my breath and hope it’s simply dryer exhaust.

    Bigger fish to fry as this should all be rebuilt with the 520 (eventually). There are plenty of other hazards out there which are more serious and not likely to be fixed in my lifetime, like this one:


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