Bike News Roundup: A $1,500 bike polo bike

A professional bike polo bike? Bike Portland reports on “The Joust” from Interbike. My question: Is a $1,500 polo bike cheating? On a related note, I just decided I am launching a line of $600 carbon fiber bike polo mallets! (to be serious, it’s totally cool that a bike manufacturer set out to design a polo bike)

StreetsBlog wonders, “What is it about being behind the wheel that can transform the most genial soccer mom into a seething mass of rage?” Antisocial, yes. I may even go as far as to call road rage sociopathic

A driver of a souped-up Subaru in Portland with no rear plates apparently went on a rampage and mowed down two riders in two different incidents, one of whom was riding a cargo bike he had just used to drop his kid off at daycare.

CNN takes a look at Beijing now that it has embraced car culture. Once had tons of bikes. Now: tons of traffic (and pollution and oil dependence and …)

Biking Bis shows that you’re never too old for cycling. Also, Gene reports that the bike bans near my hometown of St. Louis, Mo. likely won’t go through. But some other forms of anti-bike stuff is still on the docket.

Critical Mass in the suburbs! The next frontier…

Monkeys on bikes.

Elly Blue lays out the case for defending bikes against any user fees. After such a sound assessment, I’m sure the idea will never be brought up again…

Speaking of Elly Blue, this news roundup is over. But Elly’s got her Monday Roundup over at BikePortland if you’re still itching for more bike news.

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