Bike News Roundup: A Virginia man is murdered over a speed bump

Bill Clinton made fun of Colorado Republican candidate Dan Maes for being an anti-bike conspiracy theorist (from

And at another point he mocked  Dan Maes, the floundering Republican gubernatorial candidate in Colorado. “He says that the bike paths that have made Denver one of the healthiest cities in the country are a plot to turn over Colorado’s sovereignty to the United Nations.” Clinton paused and chuckled. “I didn’t make this stuff up.”

Great City asks, Does Washington State’s 18th Amendment violate civil rights? It mandates that gas tax money be spent only on highways and other motor vehicle uses:

For example, a skilled litigator could argue that the 18th discriminates against people based upon race. We know, for example, that nationally only 7% of white Americans do not own cars, while for latinos and blacks, those numbers are 17% and 24% respectively; since Washington State does not fund alternatives to driving, it is discriminatory against both of these minority groups.

A Virginia man was murdered because of his traffic calming activism, the Washington Post reports. David Patton, angry over a new speed bump, invaded Stephen Carr’s home, tied him and his girlfriend up, and shot Carr in the head.

Bands, forget the tour van. Tour by bike! From Go Means Go.

Does riding in the rain stress you out? Cycle paths may help.

A Seattle urban planner takes on Dallas. Creating a bicycle master plan in the heart of car culture.

Desire for bike news links insatiable? Here’s Elly Blue’s round-up from Bike Portland.

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  1. Reeve Friday says:

    Thank you for the hot news about the bike riders and its controversy’s. The news about the murder of the Virginia man was unbearable. Safety and luck are far beyond our fate.

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