Stop riding with a squeaky bike! Come by the People’s Parking Lot

We’re here at Belmont and Pine for Park(ing) Day until 5 or so if you want to stop by and chat or do some work on your bike. Belltown Pull-Apart didn’t make it, but we have tools and chain lube, so we can help fix most smallish problems.

There are lots of other great parks, too.

You ever have a tea party on a living table? Well, you should try it.

We brought a 10×10 canopy in case of rain, and we pulled it here on our totally awesome bamboo trailer. It works! A couple small engineering glitches left to fix, but it got us up Capitol Hill without breaking a sweat. Not too shabby.

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4 Responses to Stop riding with a squeaky bike! Come by the People’s Parking Lot

  1. jon says:

    Good to see that the bamboo bike trailer is rolling.

  2. Steve A says:

    A day too early or I’d have stopped by…

  3. Ross says:

    No offense to the Pull-Apart, but after getting my bike tuned up there (which took 4 days!) it went from no squeaking to constant squeaking and the bike just generally feels like it performs less. I’m just a casual biker so I’m necessarily sure what the cause is or how to fix it, a free tune-up would have been nice. Oh well.

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