New idea to encourage bicycle use: Clothing optional bikes!

How’s this for a strategy to increase bike usage: If you ride a bike, clothing is optional! It links the powerful clothing optional community with the powerful bike community. We will be unstoppable (and naked!).

The Bremerton Patriot (via the PI) reports that a woman near Bremerton was just riding around naked and prompted a slew of 911 calls. When officers found her, they simply asked her to put her clothes on and then let her go:

Multiple calls about the woman were taken by dispatchers, the first at 2:31 p.m., reporting a completely naked woman was riding a bicycle on State Highway 3 near Allyn, according to the Washington State Patrol.

A trooper was dispatched, but could not find her.

Another call, at 4:20 p.m., reported the woman near the Bremerton Airport. The caller said she was now wearing pants and pasties.

Two thoughts. One: Who calls the police when they see a naked biker? Who are they hurting? Two: Good job, officer, for not making a bigger deal out it than it needed to be.

The only problem I see with making bikes clothing optional is that the Fremont Solstice ride and World Naked Bike Ride won’t be as fun…

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  1. Olivia Engel says:

    Please let this happen. I would totes move back.

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