Next time, I’m moving by bike

Like in this StreetFilms video:

Bike Move! from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

I moved from Fremont to the U District today, where I’ll be for the next couple months, and it sucked. And sure, most of the headaches were normal moving headaches, like cleaning in nooks and crannies for the first time since you moved in, smashing your fingers moving tables and couches, and surveying a room you just worked on for an hour and noticing that it looks just as messy as when you started.

But the worst part of it all was that I had to drive a car around town all day. I so rarely drive that each time I get behind the wheel, it seems even worse than the time before. It’s dangerous and you spend most your time sitting in a line of cars waiting for a light to turn green or trying to find parking. For years, I had a daily rush hour commute by car 25 minutes each way. Now I can hardly stand driving from Fremont to the U District (which, during rush hour, takes WAY longer than riding a bike, it turns out).

And before you even start, no, it wasn’t a road diet’s fault. It was all those other damn cars. You can sit through two or three signal cycles in what appears to be a giant line of cars. Then you realize, that’s only 12 cars in front of you, which probably means about 15 people (most of which are empty other than the driver).

It was my fault for not finishing the bamboo bike trailer in time (it’s almost done, though). Moving by bike is not only totally possible, but it looks like a blast.

StreetFilms has two videos of moves by bike, one in Portland (see above video) and one in New York. Honestly, looks easier than what I just did (though they had a few more helping hands). Enjoy while I sleep in:

NYC Bike Move! from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

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  1. Jake says:

    Let me guess… Was it the Stone Way/Greenlake/50th muddle that had you waiting all afternoon? That intersection was one of the main reasons I sold my car.

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