On other blogs: ‘Maybe you shouldn’t have to buy a car to get a job.’

Streets for All Seattle held a kickoff event Thursday to raise funds for their campaign to get the city to invest $30 million annually in bicycle, pedestrian and transit infrastructure. The mayor and members of the City Council were there, and Slog quoted McGinn: “People have a certain vision of what the future should be,” he said, like a good job, access to parks, a nice place to live. He said comprehensive transportation system is key to this vision, but most people don’t think of it as an means to an end. For example, he said, “Maybe you shouldn’t have to buy a car to get a job.” Word.

Around 1,000 cyclists participated in the Seattle Century Saturday. Apparently, it was the most popular year yet for the ride. From Biking Bis:

This is the third time Good Sport Promotion has rolled out this century bike ride in Seattle. Organizers say this has been their highest registration for the Seattle ride, and they’re hoping it will rival the Portland Century that usually draws 2,000 to 3,000 riders.

Dutch Bike Co. opened up shop on Ballard Ave, and the space looks wicked. MyBallard’s got the story.

Parents, mark your calendars. Fiets of Parenthood is August 15 at the John Stanford International School playground in Wallingford, just off the Burke.

Seattle Transit Blog tries to shine light on the transit part of the Surface/Transit alternative to that horrendous tunnel. Also, this SR 520 video is pretty creepy. What’s with all those damn cars?

And that music? It sounds like “hopeful for the future” style music, but this video is of a highway right out of the 50s. Reminds me of this incredible old Disney flick:

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