Man jumped downtown, suspects steal his bike as he holds on

A group of males in their 20s jumped a man downtown and stole the bicycle he had just bought that day from Wal-Mart. He tried to hold on, but the suspects kicked him until he let go, according to the police report.

The man was waiting for a bus at 3rd and Pine around 8:45 p.m. July 6 with a blue 18-speed bicycle he had just purchased for $150 at Wal-Mart. When a group of males in their 20s walked by him, two of the males split off from the group and tried to grab his bicycle, the man told police. He tried to hold onto it, and witnesses said they saw the two robbers drag the man a bit before kicking and stomping him to get him to let go.

The man said they also stole $237 from him. He described the suspects as two black males in their 20s both wearing black pants and black shirts. Officers did not find any suspects in the area.

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