Driver just assaulted me while riding downtown – UPDATED

I’ve got the scoop on this one.

The driver of a white SUV just assaulted me (around 5:45 p.m.) at 6th and Virginia Olive downtown after passing me angrily within a foot or two of my bike.

I was riding in the center lane because the right lane turns at Virginia when I heard an engine behind me rev up and the car whiz by me on my right. He was then stopped by a red light at Virginia Olive (but don’t worry, he got there six seconds faster by nearly killing me).

Pissed about my near-death encounter, I rode by the driver’s side window of his stopped and waiting car and moved his rearview mirror slightly out of place. Ok, sure, I was tying to annoy him and that probably wasn’t the most mature thing I’ve ever done, but he almost killed me and I wasn’t in the mood to start a yelling match.

I stopped in the crosswalk and waited for the light to turn green. Behind me I hear him yelling from inside his car. He then puts it in park and gets out. He runs up behind me and starts shaking me and yelling about how I just touched his car. I chose to just not really say anything back, while prepping myself in case I actually have to fight this douche bag. Luckily, the shaking was all he did. He kept his hand on my shoulder for a while and kept asking to see my ID, which I clearly did not give him. After he did not get any response from me, he got back in his car just as the light turned green and he left.

A witness got the license plate number, WA either 361xyj or 367xyj (UPDATE: officer said it was not a 7, as that car in no way matches the description. Might be 361xyj then). I owe a special thanks to Brandon, a total stranger who saw the whole thing and helped me calm down afterwards.

I’m waiting for police to meet me now. My heart is still racing. I wish I had thought to take a photo, but I was just happy to not get punched. I would have gotten my ass kicked.

UPDATE: I talked to police and said what I could. Really, I would be perfectly happy if the guy just apologizes to me.

UPDATE 2: Walking by the spot the next day, I realized it was 6th and Olive, not Virginia. I have no idea how I got Virginia in my head. Probably because I was so shaken up.

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