KIRO TV: Man biking in Federal Way seriously injured in collision, person driving arrested

Click for more coverage from KIRO TV

Click for more coverage from KIRO TV

A man in his 30s was seriously injured in Federal Way late Friday morning, KIRO TV reports.

He was biking in the 28600 block of Military Rd S when he was struck by a person witnesses described as driving recklessly.

The collision occurred shortly before 11 a.m. Police conducted a drug and alcohol evaluation of the 31-year-old man who was behind the wheel at the time. They then placed him under arrest.

We have no updated information about the victim’s condition, but we send him our best wishes for a quick and full recovery.

The collision comes as Federal Way residents are launching a new neighborhood greenways group aimed at making streets safer for people of all ages to get around by walking and biking. Here’s a video released last week about the effort:

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3 Responses to KIRO TV: Man biking in Federal Way seriously injured in collision, person driving arrested

  1. Yates says:

    I use to cycle Military to the Tukwila Light Rail station. It’s about a 6 miles (Des Moines + Military) commute. Military was so scary I opted to cycle the 15 miles to work instead. There are druggies, drunks, blind driveways and brainless rabid drivers and no police, no bike path/sharrow. I also doubt few of these drivers have insurance, would be shocked to learn they even have licenses.

    Wishing the cyclist peace and healing.

    • B says:

      Unfortunately the only thing in your list the police have a problem with is if someone who hits another person is blind drunk.

  2. O says:

    From the pictures on Kiro, it looks like the car was a Civic Si with multiple customizations–probably thought he was a real hotshot. Hope the rider is ok; hopefully justice is served.

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