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WA bill would ticket people for driving below the speed limit

If you drive slower than the speed limit, you could get a speeding ticket. Well, that is if Spokane’s Sen. Michael Baumgartner has his way. “The slower they drive, the higher the fine,” Baumgartner’s office said in a press release … Continue reading

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StreetFilms: Highway Removal

MBA_Trailer from Streetfilms on Vimeo. Meanwhile, Protect Seattle Now has gathered 29,000 referendum signatures. They need 16,503 of those to be accepted. Pretty good odds. Polls show only 35 percent of people in Seattle want a tunnel. Studies show far … Continue reading

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Must read for Viaduct removal skeptics: The economics of highway removal

In a post full to the brim with incredible economic stats, Elly Blue spells out the economic benefits of urban highway removal. Among the incredible bits of knowledge she reveals: “for the $75 million spent repaving three miles of urban … Continue reading

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