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Burke-Gilman official grand opening Tuesday

The Burke-Gilman Trial has been open for weeks, but now King County is making it official (though you may have to leave work early to catch it): Join us on March 13 at NE 165th St and the trail. Ribbon … Continue reading

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Burke-Gilman Trail will reopen Friday at noon

No number of exclamation marks could accurately express the excitement of this news. The Burke-Gilman Trail will reopen tomorrow at noon after being closed for nearly eight months. Reconstruction of the vital link went significantly over-budget, and completion was delayed … Continue reading

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King County Parks: Burke-Gilman reopening delayed another week

The goal of reopening the Burke-Gilman Trail from Seattle to Log Boom Park has been delayed another week. Originally expected to be open in December, the project was delayed until “late January,” and work significantly exceeded the budget. A small … Continue reading

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Small stretch of Burke-Gilman Trail in Lake Forest Park opens in time for Xmas

King County Parks has a Christmas present for Burke-Gilman Trail users. The eastern-most section of the closed trail is completed and open, connecting Ballinger Way and Log Boom Park. It’s not a complete opening of the delayed and over budget … Continue reading

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Times: Burke-Gilman project way over budget

Not only is the large reconstruction of the Burke-Gilman Trail north of Seattle behind schedule, but costs have almost doubled, the Seattle Times reports. Originally budgeted at $2.7 million, the King County Council approved an additional $2.2 million to complete the … Continue reading

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Large Burke-Gilman Trail project running more than a month behind

Bad news for Burke-Gilman Trail users who have been dealing with a nasty detour: Work on the trail is not expected to be fully complete until January 31. Reader Lori M noted the date change on a construction sign and … Continue reading

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Burke-Gilman paving has begun, delays possible near Log Boom Park

The paving has finally begun on the Trail reconstruction that has put several miles of the Burke-Gilman Trail just north of Seattle out of commission all summer and fall. People using the trail today may encounter trouble with the detour … Continue reading

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How was day one of the Burke-Gilman closure? + VIDEO

Well, it’s day two of the Burke-Gilman Trail closure. How is it going so far? How was the detour? Were there open spaces on the bus bike racks? Were there any conflicts between buses and bicyclists in the bus lanes … Continue reading

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Burke-Gilman detour alternatives (that don’t include driving) – UPDATED

Following the release of the official Burke-Gilman Trail detour between Log Boom Park and the Seattle border, even King County said not to take it. The closure is scheduled to start tomorrow (June 15) and will not be open for … Continue reading

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King County releases official Burke-Gilman detour

Just five days before the trail is set to close for the summer, King County has released the officially-approved and signed detour route. It is even longer and more out circuitous than the original detour plan and involves 20 steps … Continue reading

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Large Burke-Gilman closure starts June 15, county and state say take a bus or drive – UPDATED

If you have been in denial about the upcoming closure of the Burke-Gilman Trail from the Seattle city limits all the way to Log Boom Park in Kenmore, it’s soul-searching time. The closure is real, and it starts June 15. … Continue reading

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Check out the (not yet official) Burke-Gilman closure detour route

For months now, the most-Googled term leading people to Seattle Bike Blog has been some variation on “2011 Burke-Gilman closure.” King County Parks has been very reluctant to release details on the project, particularly the sure-to-be-disappointing detour route. With work … Continue reading

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Section of Burke-Gilman in Kenmore will be closed for four days

A 300-foot section of the Burke-Gilman Trail in Kenmore will be closed for four days starting February 28 for repaving. This closure is different from a much larger closure of a two-mile section of the trail from the Seattle border … Continue reading

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Large 2011 Burke-Gilman detour between Seattle and Kenmore proving difficult to plan

The Burke-Gilman Trail may be closed for several months next year from the Seattle border to the Kenmore border while the trail is reconstructed. But finding a good detour route has proven difficult, and planners are still working on what … Continue reading

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