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520 Bridge Trail will finally open December 20

Well, WSDOT has said all along that the 520 Bridge Trail will open in Fall 2017, and it technically will. The region’s most significant new biking and walking connection in decades will open December 20 at 3 p.m., 17 hours … Continue reading

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For 10th year in a row, 49 states somehow fail to be more bike-friendly than WA

Washington State has some great public servants and advocates working hard to make our state safer and more inviting for people riding bikes. But try biking across almost any state highway, and you’ll be confronted with scary off-ramps and skinny … Continue reading

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520 Bridge Trail on for autumn opening + WSDOT will not fix jarring expansion plates

A trail over the 520 Bridge will revolutionize biking in the region. Bicycle travel times between many parts of Seattle and major Eastside communities will be slashed. Biking from UW to downtown Kirkland, for example, will be cut in half. Instead … Continue reading

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Seattle still doesn’t need a downtown car tunnel, but crews deserve a victory lap today

Seattle Bike Blog has been opposed to the downtown car tunnel since this site started in 2010, and we still are. It’s an enormous investment in unsustainable transportation that will likely make downtown and South Lake Union traffic worse. It’s a … Continue reading

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First section of new Arboretum Trail opens near Madison Valley

A key section of the new WSDOT-funded Arboretum Trail opened late last week, connecting Madison Street to the car-free Arboretum Drive. The segment is fairly short, but it is one of the most important stretches of the whole plan for people … Continue reading

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Dispatches from the WA Bike Summit: Transpo Secretary Roger Millar: ‘We’re not just about moving cars and drivers, we’re about moving people’

Be sure to check out our other notes from the 2017 WA Bike Summit. State Transportation Secretary Roger Millar kicked off the Monday keynote with some solid jokes about job security, a reference to the sudden, politically-motivated firing his predecessor … Continue reading

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Barb Chamberlain will head WSDOT’s new Active Transportation Division

One year after leading Washington Bikes through a merger with Cascade Bicycle Club, Barb Chamberlain is leaving the organization to become the first ever Director of WSDOT’s new Active Transportation Division. As head of the division, Chamberlain will be tasked … Continue reading

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State will close busy Fremont section of Burke-Gilman Trail Monday – UPDATED

UPDATE 7/8: WSDOT announced Friday that this closure is being put on hold so the team can rethink how the trail detour will work. From WSDOT: The planned closure of the Burke-Gilman Trail through Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood on Monday, July … Continue reading

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Work begins next week on Arboretum Trail set to open late 2017

Construction is set to begin Monday on a new trail along the western side of the Arboretum, providing a safe space for walking and biking next to Lake Washington Blvd and improving access to more of the Arboretum grounds. Kicking … Continue reading

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Political firing of Sec. Peterson is Washington State’s loss

As of Friday, Lynn Peterson is no longer our state’s Secretary of Transportation. And that’s Washington State’s loss. Peterson came on board with our state’s biggest highway megaprojects already in trouble. And on top of those challenges — including a … Continue reading

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Help count people biking and walking in King County next week

How many people are actually out biking and walking in Washington State? We don’t really know. But believe it or not, the state tries to get a handle on this number by getting a bunch of volunteers to hang out … Continue reading

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Bike route bridge in Montlake will close until early 2016

If you bike through Montlake via the Lake Washington Loop route, then you have a rough detour ahead of you for the next six months. Starting “as soon as Monday,” the 24th Ave E bridge (otherwise known as the only … Continue reading

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Could painting zigzag lines on the road make trail crossings safer?

The faster someone is driving, the less likely they are to stop for someone entering a crosswalk. That’s just a street design fact. So how can the state improve safety for trails that cross highways, especially in rural areas where … Continue reading

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Montlake detour coming to Lake Washington Loop bike route

If you bike the Lake Washington Loop bike route or are headed to the Montlake Bridge the next two weekends, expect a rough detour along the way. Lake Washington Boulevard will be closed from Montlake Boulevard to the Arboretum as … Continue reading

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For 8th straight year, WA named #1 bike-friendly state

If Washington State were an NBA team, its bike-friendly championship streak would have just tied the 1959–1966 Boston Celtics at eight championships in a row, the longest ever by far. But, of course, a major difference between the League of … Continue reading

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Bellevue installs its first bike counters + First look at the data

The City of Bellevue and WSDOT have installed the city’s first ever electronic bike counters to track hour-by-hour usage of the I-90 and 520 Trails. As we’ve seen with Seattle’s counters (the oldest being the Fremont Bridge counter), having daily … Continue reading

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Washington bike advocates and professionals will meet in Olympia for 2-day summit

For the first time in a long time, bicycle advocates and transportation professionals from all over the State of Washington will get together in Olympia for a two-day summit to put their heads together and share knowledge and experiences. The … Continue reading

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Seattle-side 520 Bridge plan getting closer, but still needs better bike/walk connections

You have to hand it to the SR 520 Bridge design team. Their designs for bike/walk connections in Seattle have come really far since we first saw them. What was once looked like a doomsday neighborhood highway expansion interchange is … Continue reading

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Dexter will be closed overnight this week, will reopen with better bike lanes

Dexter Ave will be closed overnight Monday and Tuesday between Denny and Mercer so crews can repaint the street with a new complete streets design that includes wide parking-protected bike lanes and a center turn lane. Construction work is not … Continue reading

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Why Seattle should stop waiting for the tunnel and tear down the viaduct now

The megaproject to repair the delayed downtown highway megaproject has been delayed. Again. The tunnel project team had their shot to build the tunnel before the viaduct was torn down. They blew it, and now the viaduct is sinking beyond … Continue reading

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