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West Seattle Link might destroy the Sodo Trail, but that could be a good thing

SDOT has been planning an extension of the Sodo Trail to reach Spokane St under the West Seattle Bridge for a while now, but that work could take a major turn if Sound Transit chooses a West Seattle light rail … Continue reading

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Cascade: Redmond stations are a chance to go all out on Sound Transit station access

Transit works better when people can get to the stations. This might seem like an extremely obvious point, but many of the region’s biggest rail and express bus stations have awful walking and biking access problems. Like truly awful: And … Continue reading

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Region passes gigantic transit investment, but it feels so feeble today

It seems like just yesterday we were arguing about whether Sound Transit 3 was too big of an investment. Yet by the time the big King, Pierce and Snohomish county vote totals hit the Crocodile stage during the ST3 victory … Continue reading

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Seattle women #BikeTheVote today + How you can help final ST3 push & where to party

I voted for ST3. It was at the very end of a very long ballot. But damn it felt good. Seeing hours-long lines outside polling places in many communities across the country, I am so thankful for Washington’s vote-by-mail system. … Continue reading

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Sound Transit 3 is not about light rail, it’s about bringing our region closer together

So much of the debating over the Sound Transit 3 vote has been about taxes or traffic or whether buses are better than trains or whether the size of the package is too ambitious. These points are all missing what’s … Continue reading

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Last day to register to vote online! Regional transit needs you

Don’t be one of those people who thinks their vote doesn’t matter because they are not in a Presidential swing state. Today is the last day to register to vote online in WA if you want your ballot mailed to … Continue reading

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Cascade calls for more bike/walk station access funds in ST3

Sound Transit’s latest ballot measure draft would spend $661 million in transit funds to build car parking near stations. Seattle Transit Blog did the math and found that each new parking space would cost $80,000. To put that in perspective, … Continue reading

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