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Vancouver bike share faces delays + King County is getting a sweet deal on bike share launch

Details on the delayed Vancouver, BC, bike share system have come to light, with government and user costs revealed, new details on helmet vending challenges and a new launch date of early 2014. Originally scheduled for a spring 2013 launch, … Continue reading

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City Council introduces bike share ordinance

An ordinance making room in city rules for bike share stations is now starting its journey through the City Council. Introduced by Transportation Committee Chair Tom Rasmussen, the ordinance would essentially make two changes: 1) Allow permits for bike share … Continue reading

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Timbuk2 launches mini free ‘bike share’ at downtown shop

Timbuk2 opened a downtown Seattle store just a few months ago, their first standalone retail venture outside their hometown San Fransisco. This week, they are expanding the bikey presence in downtown by launching a free store-based mini bike share. Visitors … Continue reading

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Feds no longer back 1989 Seattle helmet effectiveness study – City should modify its helmet law before bike share launches

After years of conflicting studies have thrown its results into question, both the Center for Disease Control and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will no longer promote the conclusion that bicycle helmets reduce head injury rates by 85 percent … Continue reading

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New York launches bike share, soon to be the biggest system in the nation

The long-awaited launch of Citibike in New York City finally arrived Monday mostly to cheers. Seattle should be watching for a couple reasons. It is the biggest bike share system in the nation, and sure to set a lot of … Continue reading

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City receives $1M grant, bike share launch now 50% funded

Puget Sound Bike Share is now officially half way to the funding they need to launch Phase I, likely covering the University District, downtown, South Lake Union and some of Capitol Hill. With a $750,000 state grant secured for launching … Continue reading

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Alta selected to build and operate Seattle bike share system

Portland-based Alta Bicycle Share will build and operate Puget Sound Bike Share‘s planned system, the organization announced Tuesday. Alta has also recently won contracts in Portland, Vancouver BC and San Francisco, and the company last week launched what will be … Continue reading

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Puget Sound Bike Share launches search for vendor

Puget Sound Bike Share takes a big step forward today by launching its search for a vendor. With sponsors starting to line up and relatively new Executive Director Holly Houser at the helm, the regional bike share network is starting … Continue reading

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State may fund Delridge Trail, U-District bike share, Bainbridge ferry access improvements + more

In its latest round of grant funding for its bicycle and pedestrian safety program, Washington State has prioritized a Delridge trail and road safety project, improvements to Olympic Drive near the Ferry Terminal on Bainbridge Island, bike share station install … Continue reading

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Puget Sound Bike Share hires executive director

The non-profit organization that plans to launch a regional bike share system has taken another big step: Puget Sound Bike Share now has an executive director. Holly Houser has been selected to lead the organization, which is a partnership between … Continue reading

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Seattle Transit Blog: Downtown needs cycle tracks before Bike Share arrives

Following up on our recent post on the founding of Puget Sound Bike Share, Zach Shaner at the Seattle Transit Blog argues that the system should not launch downtown unless there are safe and inviting cycle tracks: Simply put, cycling … Continue reading

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The plan for Puget Sound Bike Share

As we reported last week, Puget Sound Bike Share has officially formed and is currently searching for an executive director. If all goes smoothly, the first bikes could roll out as early as late summer or fall of 2013. Guiding … Continue reading

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Puget Sound Bike Share officially forms, searches for Executive Director

Seattle has the second highest rate of bicycle commuting among large American cities, but only 40 percent of city residents has access to a working bicycle. Seattle has higher rates of transit use than Portland, and cycling in our densest … Continue reading

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