2018 Transit Kenan(blue)


it was a blue flat road bike and I had installed an additional blue bottle holder (cage) on its frame.

Bike Stats

  • Manufacturer: Transit
  • Year: 2018
  • Serial Number: 17571608803069
  • Bike Tire Style: Narrow

Theft Details

Locking description
Locking circumvented
I had locked my bike to my apartment bike rack inside the building and near the fenced door on Wednesday 8/22 afternoon and when I went to ride it yesterday (Fri. 8/24) I saw both bike and lock are missing. so it was stolen either 8/23 or 8/24. It looks like somebody jumped off the fence and somehow unlocked the bike from rack and stole my bike!.
Date stolen
Police report #
Department & city
North Precinct Patrol, Seattle
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