I have angered the bike gods

Yesterday, a flat tire deflated our plans. Then this morning, the chain broke on the way to preschool drop-off. I have clearly angered the bike gods, and must repent.

Oh, great Velocideity, your judgment is fair and righteous!
Forgive me my trespasses and restore your bountiful graces.
Lead me not into the glass shards and shelter me from thine rain.
If you bless my humble wheel, I shall cycle afar in your name!

UPDATE: My prayer was rejected. In fact, it only made Velocideity more angry. My rear wheel was stricken with two completely separate holes from two different pieces of glass just hours after posting this. I am filled with regret and fear.

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10 Responses to I have angered the bike gods

  1. Tom Fucoloro says:

    The rhyming works better in the original Latin.

  2. Rick Sullivan says:

    Was Caesar a cyclist? 😎

  3. kDavid says:

    Schwalbe that bike!🚲

  4. Alkistu says:

    You are not out of the woods yet. The wrath of the Bike Gods comes in threes.

  5. Jay says:

    The wrath of the bike gods struck me on the bike path near the fishing pier by the lower bridge coming out of West Seattle. It came in the form of screws spread all over the bike path and a long walk to the office with a large gash in my tire that kept re-flatting my tubes. (I cleaned the screws up.)

    • bobco85 says:

      It happened again?! I remember someone with a rolling magnet took care of some screws/nails that had been left on the bike path (West Seattle Bridge Trail) around there last year. Seeing a repeat of this seems like it’s intentional.

  6. Conrad says:

    Time for an exorcism?

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