Saturday: Celebrate the new Green Lake bike lanes with a community ride and scavenger hunt

Event poster. Details in the body text.Join local safe streets groups and SDOT Saturday for a community bike ride celebrating the opening of the Green Lake bike lanes.

Meet up 10:30 a.m. at the Flamingo parking lot of the Woodland Park Zoo to ride with the group to the Green Lake Community Center for “kids activities and refreshments” from 11 to 1. Also, project staff will be on hand to answer all your various questions, such as, “Why don’t the bike lanes connect to N 77th Street?” and “Can the bike lanes please connect to N 77th Street?”

You can get a preview of what it’s like to ride in the new bike lanes by watching Seattle Bike Blog’s video tour.

More details from SDOT:

Inaugural Bike Ride
Our week of fun begins with an Inaugural Bike Ride which will start on Saturday, July 31 at 10:30 AM. We are starting in the Flamingo parking lot of the Woodland Park Zoo located at the corner of N 50th St and Phinney Ave N. We’ll ride along the expanded bike lanes on N 50th St and then proceed north on Green Lake Way N to the new two-way bike lane!  We’ll end the ride at the Green Lake Community Center where there will be kids activities and snacks from 11am to 1pm.  Project staff will also be on hand to answer your questions about the new improvements.

Scavenger Hunt – Enter to Win!
In addition to the Inaugural Bike Ride, we are also hosting a week-long scavenger hunt to explore all the multi-modal improvements made around Green Lake and Wallingford, with items like our new rapid flashing beacons for pedestrian safety on the list!

To participate, post a photo of yourself completing any of the scavenger hunt activities with the hashtag #GreenLakeScavanger on Twitter or Instagram to be entered to win a gift card to one of our local participating businesses. Each activity post will give you one entry. Scavenger hunt is open from Saturday, July 31 to Sunday, August 8.

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5 Responses to Saturday: Celebrate the new Green Lake bike lanes with a community ride and scavenger hunt

  1. Gary Yngve says:

    Or higher level than bikelanes to 77th, can we calm the heck out of Winona, especially around Winona? Even crossing the street as a ped is challenging there.
    Though on the topic of 77th, have the waits for the light at Aurora gotten any better? I’ve been sticking with Winona for the tradeoff of a faster light change.

  2. Paul says:

    Is SDOT seriously suggesting that biking on 50th is a “scenic”?

    I’ll happily ride west on 50th west of Meridian, but it’s hardly scenic (unless it’s earlier than 6 AM). It’s generally choked with motor traffic and not a recommended route for anyone not at least decently experienced and comfortable riding in heavy traffic.

    East on 50th is a no-go anywhere between Stone and Sunnyside.

    50th is an arterial. Not pleasant to walk along or bike in.

    • Gary Yngve says:

      Even as someone comfortable riding in heavy traffic, I’m more inclined to take 45th/46th than 50th. Though if I’m not tight on time, I greatly prefer Greenlake->Ravenna or some variant of 34th St / BGT / Northlake. 43rd/44th Wally Greenway is ok, but not the greatest connections. 40th is ok going downhill.

      • Dave R says:

        For those going west to the Zoo and environs, 50th is a reasonable climb up from Stone to Phinney. 45/46th west from Stone going under Aurora is not really a feasible route – merging cars, short steep uphill in single lane make this almost impossible for even an experienced cyclist.

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