Seattle’s Marley Blonsky stars in mini-documentary All Bodies on Bikes

Well I love this.

Friend of Seattle Bike Blog Marley Blonsky stars in the new mini-documentary All Bodies on Bikes alongside Kailey Kornhauser. The 13-minute film premiered today, so check it out above.

The film follows them on a bike camping trip and other bike adventures while they discuss their relationships with their bodies and society’s harmful associations with weight and body size.

Marley has been a longtime friend of the site and was the last in-person guest from outside my household to join the Bike News Roundup chat before the 2020 COVID shutdown. Not only has she been a strong voice for helping more fat people feel welcome on a bike, she also works hard to improve the bike industry’s offerings for people with larger bodies. So it’s great to see Shimano featuring her in their video series, hopefully a sign of changes to come from more companies.

Also, Marley is going to teach a two-part bike camping class online in April. You can learn more and register here. Not only is the class a way for the bike-camping-curious to learn more, but Marley will also offer suggestions one-on-one if you have questions about your gear or bike set-up. Suggested $30-$50 per person.

Details from Shimano:

Filmed in the summer of 2020 using COVID-19 safety precautions, All Bodies on Bikes dives headfirst into hard conversations about society’s obsession with weight, growing up fat, and issues of disordered eating. It also explores how the bicycle community can bring people together to support one another.

Kailey and Marley write, consult, and present workshops on body size inclusion in the cycling community, and have created an “All Bodies on Bikes Resource and Discussion Guide” to accompany the film. Both acknowledge that discussions around weight and size can be emotional, and that this subject can be challenging for many people to discuss. The “All Bodies on Bikes Resource and Discussion Guide” includes suggested reflection questions and links for additional information and further reading.

This project is about the joy of riding a bike, and Kailey and Marley want to make sure that everyone has the chance to share in that joy. So, hop on a bike and climb that big hill in town, hit up the local bakery for a tasty treat, or organize a group ride!

Whatever you do, we hope you have fun.

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