Take SDOT’s newest Stay Healthy Streets survey

SDOT is moving forward with its plan to implement up to 20 miles of “permanent” Stay Healthy Streets this year, even as the department doesn’t yet have a funding source identified to keep the Mayor’s promise from last summer. A plan to use money from some projects in the bicycle master plan program met resistance from the city’s advisory boards.

It also looks like the department is still considering which Stay Healthy Streets will be selected to become permanent as well. SDOT has another survey up through March 11 that gets fairly granular on what segments of their nearest Stay Healthy Street people walking, biking, and rolling feel safe using.

We do know that SDOT is planning Stay Healthy Streets in both South Park and Georgetown as part of their Home Zone treatments as part of the West Seattle Bridge closure response. Another new short Stay Healthy Street is planned in Little Brook in NE Seattle. And Greenwood’s 1st Ave NW appears to be the first existing Stay Healthy Street progressing to the community outreach stage, with two meetings focused on it since the start of the year. One of those meetings was last night. At that meeting we learned that so far 82% of survey respondents have said they support making the Stay Healthy Street in their community permanent.

We also still don’t know very much about what is actually planned to make Stay Healthy Streets permanent.Of course, what ends up happening will in part be driven by the budget. One slide did show a new kind of paint-and-post curb extension along with some of the other ideas that have been suggested as concepts so far:

Powerpoint slide with different street treatments including paint curb bulbs, ecoblocks with art on them

Later this month we should have more details SDOT’s full Stay Healthy Streets proposal, at least on some of the more hotly contested ones like Beach Drive SW in West Seattle. Fill out the survey!

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3 Responses to Take SDOT’s newest Stay Healthy Streets survey

  1. JG says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong aren’t all of the segments proposed on this survey list already Neighborhood Greenways? It looks to me like making any of these permanent Stay Healthy doesn’t add any new links to an all abilities cycling network. If it gets more people walking and playing in the street that’s nice but it feels like the same low hanging fruit being celebrated at the expense of a real network.

    Let’s get something made permanent that actually gives people biking new spaces and connections.

  2. asdf2 says:

    Do you have to live in Seattle to fill out the survey? I travel along Stay Healthy streets on bike routes, even if I don’t live there.

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