Welcome Temporary Editor Ryan Packer

Photo of Ryan Packer with a bicycle in a park.

Ryan Packer

I am very excited to announce that Ryan Packer will be Temporary Editor of Seattle Bike Blog now through the end of February.

As readers of The Urbanist know, Ryan is a very thorough reporter with a deep understanding of how transportation policy works (and fails to work) in Seattle. So I was very excited when they applied for the Editor job.

Ryan Packer (they/them) has lived in Seattle for about fifteen years, originally hailing from northern Illinois. Since 2015, they have reported on transportation, particularly on Vision Zero and pedestrian & bicycle infrastructure, at The Urbanist. In normal times, they spent a lot of free time going to see the work of Seattle’s amazing live theater artists and is looking forward to doing that again very soon. To get in touch, email [email protected] or follow @typewriteralley on Twitter.

As for me, I am taking a sabbatical from the blog after more than a decade. Site content has been very slow lately as I work to complete the first draft of a book about Seattle bike culture for UW Press. Hiring Ryan will be great for Seattle Bike Blog, bringing important news back to the site in a more timely manor. It will also give me more time and space to focus on this book.

Businesses can support this effort by advertising, and readers can support by signing up for the monthly Seattle Bike Blog Supporter program.

Thank you all for reading, and thanks Ryan for signing on!

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2 Responses to Welcome Temporary Editor Ryan Packer

  1. Drew says:

    Great choice! Thanks to you both.

  2. Bret Dodson says:

    Great hire! Looking forward to more content from both of you.

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