TCC: Contact your legislators now to support fully-funded transit

Don’t cut transit!

There are so many reasons why cutting transit funding makes no sense. But instead of listing them all here, I want you all to think of them for yourselves.

Then I want you to write those reasons in a letter to your state legislators using the handy online form Transportation Choices Coalition has created:

Dear Transit Supporter,

Transportation budget negotiations are underway, and public transit projects are on the chopping block. We need to act now to support fully funding public transit for this year.

Write your legislators today and ask them to fully fund transit in the budget.

Due to the passage of I-976, elected leaders are faced with balancing the budget in a challenging funding environment. While they have taken some steps to help mitigate the impacts of the initiative on transit, walking and biking, there are proposals to delay and potentially cut funding for Regional Mobility Grants that fund projects like the RapidRide H line.

Speak up now: Ask your electeds to fully fund public transit!

When we speak up together, we can help ensure our State funds a holistic transportation system that benefits all Washingtonians.

Write to your legislators now!


Transportation Choices Coalition Team

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