Who’s the best District 2 candidate for biking and safe streets?

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Seattle City Council Districts map.As I wrote in our District 1 post, Seattle Bike Blog is not doing official endorsements for the primary. Instead, I’ll be going district-by-district, posting videos from the MASS Coalition’s transportation forums along with a roundup of transportation-related endorsements and other notable news items and thoughts. I also want to hear who you are supporting and why in the comments below.

With Bruce Harrell choosing not to run again, District 2 is our first of many open races this year. And, as a result, there are a lot of candidates, and endorsements are a bit more spread out. But as you’ll see, a couple names rise to the top.

This race has many good candidates (and one obviously awful one), so I’m hoping it turns into a run-off between the good ones. Phyllis Porter is a friend of the blog, served on the Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board, worked with Bike Works to be an organizer of Rainier Valley Greenways and is an organizer of Seattle’s chapter of Black Girls Do Bike (check out this Seattle Channel video about it).

Tammy Morales and Christopher Peguero both also had very good responses to the questions Lester Black at the Stranger asked about bike lanes. Morales has clearly garnered the most endorsement attention, including from orgs focused on transportation. Ari Hoffman is awful and nobody should vote for him (there are many reasons, but you don’t need to go any further than his intro in the video below where he brags about his truck’s HEMI to a room full of transit, walking and biking advocates).

You can hear from candidates yourself in this transportation and housing forum hosted by the Move All Seattle Sustainably coalition (Rooted In Rights not only filmed it and added captions, but they also created this caption doc (.txt) for those who would rather just read it all):

You can also hear candidates talk generally about their campaigns via this pretty cool Seattle Channel video voting guide.

This post is also a chance for you all to share your thoughts and promote your favorite D1 candidates in the comments below. Did I totally gloss over or miss something important? Let me know in the comments below. If you work for a campaign, you are welcome to participate, as well. Just please disclose which campaign you work for.

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