Notes from the Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board: April, 2019

The Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board meets 6 p.m. the first Wednesday of every month at City Hall. Anyone can sit in on meetings and provide public comment at the beginning and (thanks to a recent change) end.

The volunteer board “advises the Mayor, City Council, and City Departments and Divisions on projects, policies, and programs that improve and/or affect bicycling conditions in Seattle,” and does so in a number of ways. In addition to their meetings, they host bike tours of areas under study, write letters and help prioritize the Bicycle Master Plan.

Below is the agenda for the April meeting. Stay tuned for updates.


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5 Responses to Notes from the Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board: April, 2019

  1. Dave R says:

    Wish I could go – would be interesting to hear the SAB response to SDOT blaming the BMP cut priorities on them.

  2. Southeasterner says:

    Whatever happened with Selina Urena replacing Casey Gifford?

    It is interesting that ever since Gifford was kicked out by Durkan they have stopped posting meeting minutes and presentation materials to the website.

    Democracy Dies in Darkness

    • Southeasterner says:

      Correction…it looks like they read my post and uploaded presentation materials for the 2019 meetings. Still no meeting minutes for 2019.

    • Dylan Oldenburg says:

      Wow I totally forgot about that. Durkan is such an embarrassment. It still amazes me that she was elected.

  3. Michael Snyder says:

    Now that the bike lane has been removed from the plan, will 35th have sharrows again after the repaving?

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