Watch: BMX on a Pronto with Steven Bafus

To most users, Pronto bikes are just a convenient way to cruise from point A to point B.

But for BMX rider Steven Bafus, it’s that and so much more.

Is BMX against the rules of Pronto? Probably (depends on how you interpret this: “You must not use a Pronto Cycle Share bicycle for racing, riding off road, or any use other than safe operation on public or private roads or property and designated bicycle routes.”)

Should people who don’t know what they’re doing stay away from skate parks while on a Pronto? Yes, please. (Someone died riding a BIXI bike share bike in a Toronto skate park in 2013.)

Is this video by Nicholas Soloninka awesome? Absolutely.

Two big events this weekend

In unrelated news, be sure to check the Seattle Bike Blog events calendar for fun bikey stuff to do this weekend. Two highlights include:

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4 Responses to Watch: BMX on a Pronto with Steven Bafus

  1. Matt says:

    There is also the Evergreen Mountain Bike Festival this Sat-Sun at Duthie Hill.

    I have never ridden a mountain bike in my life, so I am really looking forward to the demos that will be made available. Check it out!

  2. Steven Lorenza says:

    Holy crap someone used pronto!

  3. Mark says:

    I have not had a good laugh like this in a while…But I dont think the video
    was trying to be funny…

  4. RossB says:

    This isn’t really an event, but an opportunity some might want to enjoy. The road to Sunrise in Mount Rainier is open for bikes and pedestrians only. There are service vehicles that can close it down, but they won’t be there on the weekend. More info here:

    Those willing to carry their skis up there (where there is great back country touring) might read this:

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