Bike News Roundup: Police lay down the law on kids playing basketball in the street

It’s time for the Bike News Roundup! Here’s a taste of some of the stuff floating around the web that caught our eye.

First up, this Gainesville Police officer responded to a complaint of teens playing basketball in the street too loudly. Justice was served.

Better yet he kept his word and returned for a rematch, but he brought along a ringer: Shaq.

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Halftime show!


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This is an open thread.

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4 Responses to Bike News Roundup: Police lay down the law on kids playing basketball in the street

  1. North Queen Anne cyclist says:

    North Queen Anne needs a bike rack or two around the intersection of Nickerson and Warren, which would alleviate the problem of people chaining their bikes up on the railings around Tully’s. The closest rack is two blocks away and only accommodates two bikes for three blocks of businesses.

    I made a request several months ago and it would be great to get more requests from other people that need to find bike parking in the area. You can make this request by emailing [email protected].

  2. Shirley says:

    We have those swing gates by SODO so I made a video for Kathleen and Elle to show them ours. A longtail is not as bad but you see me drag the bike a lot. If anyone can tell me why we have just one set of swing gates there I would love to know. All other places you can pass easily.

  3. ninjaface says:

    This is a well-curated list–quite interesting and provocative–thanks!

    You’re quite right about the long overdue gas tax proposal, and that we need to start putting these ideas out there, so they don’t, after a while, seem so ludicrous to so many.

    I wish the Democrats would use some of the tactics their opponents use; proclaim for instance they’d shut down the government–not sign (Obama) ANY budget unless there is a forty dollar per barrel tax. Then, after awhile, settle for ten.

  4. ODB says:

    Tom, the methodology of the sharrow study you cite from Streetsblog is so shoddy that it adds nothing to the debate. It’s actually based on census tracts. It’s fine if you oppose sharrows based on your own experiences and gut feeling. (I happen to think sharrows improve safety based on my experiences and gut feeling.) I also understand your agenda to push for PBLs and your conviction that installing sharrows is bad because it allows cities to claim to be doing something for bikes without incurring the cost of PBLs. All well and good. I think sharrows have their place, but I understand you take a different position on these issues. What I take issue with is the following: the fact that you would *prefer* to see PBLs rather than sharrows does not mean that sharrows are *worthless* to improve safety. The value of sharrows in improving rider safety is not a “no duh” proposition by any means (if it was, then why even do a study on it), and it strikes me as intellectually dishonest to present it in that light.

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