King 5: BikeMobile empowers youth and serves areas where bike shops are rare

King 5 has been doing a lot of great work recently when it comes to bikes and safe streets. I don’t know what’s gotten into them, but I hope it’s permanent!

For example, a news team went out with the Bike Works BikeMobile and watched how youth enrolled in their programs help other community members learn to fix their own bikes. The BikeMobile travels the region, often to areas not well-served by existing bike shops (check out the schedule here).

The project provides a valuable service to people who need to get their wheels rolling again either for cheap or often for free if they are willing to learn how to fix it themselves.

But it also gives youth who have taken Bike Works classes a chance to practice their skills and spread their knowledge. So people working at the BikeMobile are empowered, people who visit are empowered, and bikes get fixed and back on the road. It’s really just a beautiful project.

Anyway, you should watch the King 5 video below (or if you’re on a mobile device, watch it on the King 5 website):

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