Weekend Guide: Bike crazy, bike sexy and/or bike against the bomb

I hope you didn’t plan a trip away from Seattle this weekend, because that would have been a mistake. There’s all kinds of bikey stuff to do, some of it pretty wild, some of it family-focused and some of it very somber and deep.

You may not find another bike weekend that better showcases the wide range of the ways bicycles build community and help people express themselves.

Event descriptions come from our Events Calendar. Remember, anyone can add events to the calendar. So if I missed anything, add it and let us know in the comments below.

Dead Baby Downhill XIX

When: August 7, 2015 @ 5:00 pm – 11:45 pm
Where: Race starts at Elysian, Party in Georgetown

11794411_10154097830228135_7604236476623168078_oNeedless to say, Dead Baby Downhill is not for the faint of heart. The seriously wild bike party starts on Capitol Hill this year and, as usual, ends in Georgetown for a night of music, drinking and tall bike jousting. Details from the Facebook event:

Alright all you knuckleheads, you know what time it is. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last twenty years and are just now tuning in, it`s time for the 19th Annual Dead Baby Downhill and Messenger Challenge! THE BEST GOD DAMNED PARTY THIS CITY HAS EVER SEEN!!! I mean… THE GREATEST PARTY KNOWN TO HUMANKIND!!! This year we have a great line-up of bands, enough beer to give a Sperm Whale alcohol poisoning and bikes. Lots and lots of bikes.

Big thank you’s to the Georgetown Merchants Association and the residents of Georgetown for hosting our event for the last eight years and for their continued support into the future.

When attending this event please patronize the local businesses and please BE RESPECTFUL OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD! I don’t think I need to go into specifics so I’ll just end this by saying, don’t be an asshole.

(mini) Feats of Parenthood and PhinneyWood Summer Streets

When: August 8 @ 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Where: 85th and Greenwood N

G&O has the opportunity to fill almost the whole block in front of the shop at 85th & Greenwood with bicycle activities, including an obstacle course for kids, mini-Fiets of Parenthood-kinda thing for big bikes, bike decorating stations.

Play on Seattle Neigborhood Greenways teeter totter and curb ramp. And orange cones. Craft ribbon to make handlebar streamers and pipe cleaners to make helmet antennas or decorations to attach to handlebars or other bike parts.


This year’s PhinneyWood Summer Streets is shaping up to be a happening day! On Saturday, Aug. 8, the ‘hood will be hopping with two music stages and over 30 family-friendly activities, performances, and sidewalk sales. Best of all, it’s free!

Bike Around the Bomb

When: August 9, 2015 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Where: Seattle Center


Join the Seattle version of a ride happening in cities all across the nation Sunday. Details from the Facebook event:

What would it look like if a nuclear bomb was dropped on Seattle?

Join the international movement for the elimination for nuclear weapons as we commemorate the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We’ll be biking through downtown Seattle, tracing the distance around the Nagasaki bomb blast in solidarity.

RSVP @ http://goo.gl/forms/eOuoPvPCH1

There are still 15,000 nuclear weapons in the world today. Many of these weapons are ready to launch at a moment’s notice. It’s time we call on President Obama and other world leaders to stand down these weapons of mass destruction and join the fight toward global zero – a world without nuclear weapons.

Join us Sunday, August 9 for the “Bike Around the Bomb Seattle” event as we cycle the circumference of the Nagasaki bomb blast to symbolize what a “small” nuclear blast would look like in our city and what we stand to lose. Bike Around the Bomb Seattle will be one of the dozens of corresponding events across the world, from Seattle to New Delhi, from Chicago to Islamabad and beyond. Together, let’s remind world leaders that nuclear weapons are designed to wipe cities like ours off the map.

We’ll be gathering at 2pm at the International Fountain in Seattle’s center, and cycle from there passed Seattle’s most prominent landmarks. We’ll have free t-shirts, posters, and more!

This event is both FREE and open to the public. Friends and families of all ages and sizes are welcome!

Use the hashtag #EliminateNukes] to connect online with other 70th anniversary events happening all over the world on this same day. Together, we can :#EliminateNukes

Contact Brigan at [email protected] for more information

Don’t own a bicycle? No worries! Seattle’s new bike rental service, Pronto!, has rental stations all over the city. Check below for a station map or visit prontocycleshare.com for more details!

Kidical Mass to Bike Around the Bomb

Got kids? Bring them to Bike Around the Bomb, too! Details:

Bike Around the Bomb looks awesome and kid-friendly “Friends and families of all ages and sizes are welcome!”

Meet outside the MOHAI Cafe in Lake Union Park (snacks and potties, yo) at noon.
Need to play at the South Lake Union beach (our fave) or spray park first? Come early!
We will get pedaling at 12:15 so we’ll have time to play or lunch Seattle Center before the main event.

We’ll ride along a block of Dexter’s separated bike lane and the beautiful new green Mercer separated bike lanes (and then probably a block of sidewalk alongside the not-yet-opened portion of the green protected bike lanes on 5th) for a one-mile, mostly-slightly-uphill jaunt to the Seattle Center.

We’ll end at the new Artists at Play playground, and many food options are inside the Armory.
*Hopefully* we’ll be able to get all the kids to migrate to the International Fountain at 2pm for Bike Around the Bomb.

Here’s the Bike Around the Bomb event page:
and RSVP here, too, to provide the size for your FREE TSHIRT:

Here’s this info in non-Facebook form if you need to share with friends off the ‘book:

Bike Smut 9: Science Friction

When: August 9, 2015 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Where: Center for Sex Positive Culture, 1602 15th Avenue West

Cost: $7 if you bike there ($10 otherwise)

sciencefrictionPoster-aliengirl-SEATTLE-webIt’s back! Everyone’s favorite sex-positive and bike-positive film festival returns to Seattle. Details from the ticket sales page:

Bikes! Sex! Films!

Bike Smut is an international touring film festival celebrating human powered transportation and sex positive culture.

Bike Smut is a traveling showcase of erotic DIY bicycle films and performances from Portland, Oregon, USA. Compiled of submissions from all over the world, we aim to build bicycle culture by bringing people together and showing them how sexy bikes can be! We believe that by riding bicycles we take control of our transportation, of how we move across our communities and interact with them. Bicycles free us from the rigid boundaries of a car. By asking our community to make erotic films, we can help redefine obscenity, and free ourselves from the capitalist ideals of pornography. Bike Smut is about reclaiming agency over our daily lives and defeating the patriarchal appropriation of our bodies.

Bike Smut only plays in front of a live audience. There are no DVDs for sale and no screeners for the media. This method of distribution is a challenging but vital aspect of the project. Our lives are spent in isolation when our interactions are mostly through text and technology. Our true sentiments are masked by media incapable of expressing our full range of emotions.

This issue is trebled in the realm of pornography:

* We are constantly bombarded with sexual images, but terrified to discuss sex itself.
* We tolerate lame porn because of the stigma associated with engaging the genre.
* We shy away from expression and leave our usual consumer-savvy habits behind.

This shameful silence only encourages censorship and a bland homogenization of pornography. Only when we use our voices can we challenge what we do not like. Obscenity is merely a community standard. It is defined by the society we live in. If we come together as a community to view a variety of interpretations of obscenity, we can help to redefine our boundaries and inspire better communication, better art and better sex.

Put the fun between your legs.

Cost at the door: $10 ($7 if you ride your bike)
Free Indoor bicycle parking.

Questions may be directed to: [email protected] – Please go to TheFSPC.org for more information.

This event is sponsored by the Center for Sex Positive Culture.

And on top of all this, Sunday is Bicycle Sunday on Lake Washington Boulevard!

UPDATE: Oh, and don’t forget to check out the car-free Pike Street on Capitol Hill Friday and Saturday nights.

UPDATE x2: There’s also a pizza-themed alleycat Saturday to raise money for Bike Works. Meet at Volunteer Park Amphitheater at 2 p.m.

Details from the Facebook event:

Do you feel the need for speed AND the lust for cheese & crust? Then get ready for the event you’ve been dreaming of. TOUR DE PIZZA!

Ride your bike fast and eat pizza. Saturday, August 8 at the Volunteer Park Amphitheater. Registration is at 2pm. Race at 3pm sharp. $10. Proceeds benefit Bike Works. Prizes! Beer! Pizza!


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  1. Guy says:

    Don’t forget Obliteride this weekend!

  2. Kale says:

    Also, Tour de Pizza! Benefit for Bike Works.


  3. Allan says:

    Please, try to tell us about rides before they happen, instead of after. I would really have liked to show up for the Dead Baby if I had a bit of notice. Thanks

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      Um, this post came out in the morning. The ride was in the evening. This is what happens when you don’t spend your life hitting refresh on Seattle Bike Blog like you should. Let that be a lesson to you…

  4. Harrison Davignon says:

    Do they have stuff like this on weekdays? I’m most likely be working every weekend for a few years, unless on vacation.

  5. Wanderburg says:

    Not sure where to put this as there is no monday news roundup but there is a major closure of the cheshiahud loop with no detour or signage until you make the climb up to the closure. The only option is to leave the quiet bike route and join heavy automobile traffic on eastlake to get around the closure. No news, signs, detours, no mention here.. Sad.

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