Bike News Roundup: In 2003, Saturn made a really great ad about how much space cars take up

It’s time for the Bike News Roundup! I’m headed to New York City for my first time ever. I am crazy excited. I’ll keep posting while I’m out of town for the next week, but things might be a little slower than usual. And of course, email [email protected] if you see anything I should know about.

First up, Charles Mudede posted this 2003 Saturn commercial I had completely forgotten about. It’s a great visual for how much space cars take up in our cities.

Pacific Northwest News

Halftime Show! This Redmond crosswalk is not safe enough:

NE 40th St at WA-520 Designed To Kill People Walking from GlenBikes on Vimeo.

National & Global News

This is an open thread.

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7 Responses to Bike News Roundup: In 2003, Saturn made a really great ad about how much space cars take up

  1. Eli says:

    Please post about your experiences of NYC! ;-)

  2. Matt says:

    Please write about your experience in NYC. I grew up near there and went back recently once it was deemed the “#1 bike city” in the US. It was terrifying to say the least…I hope you have a better experience. As bad as drivers are here, I have to admit it made me appreciate how much more respectful we are to cyclists and pedestrians, which is still not nearly enough….

  3. Clark in Vancouver says:

    The only thing “lazy” I could see in the article on leaning rails was the journalism.

    • SashaBikes says:

      Agreed! I tried to post a comment to the piece, but comments were closed. Makes it easy decide where I don’t want to spend money on bike tourism in Washington, though! :)

    • jay says:

      I’m not sure, but I think it might have been a joke.

      Did you read past the headline? especially the paragraph below the video.
      Yes, it is a bit of an inside joke, but the people who wouldn’t get it probably don’t think people who ride bicycles have any right to exist in the first place, so the article isn’t going to change their opinions much.

  4. Love that Saturn commercial. Kind of fitting that they are no longer manufacturing cars.

  5. David Feldman says:

    It might be useful after viewing this commercial, to find and read a 1990’s novel by Christopher Buckley called “Thank You For Smoking.” This is a darkly humorous take on how industries that make big $ by doing harm put on a fig leaf of social concern.

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