How you can help cycling patriot Alvin, who was assaulted last week


Image from the GoFundMe page.

As we reported last week, Seattle’s iconic biking patriot Alvin Graham Jr was assaulted outside the Seahawks/Panthers game. Like at so many major sporting and community events, Alvin was riding his bike on a stationary trainer to raise money for veterans’ and their families.

According to Facebook posts, he is having surgery for broken bones in his face after a man in a Seahawks jersey punched him.

You can help him get back on his feet (and back on his USA-themed bike) by tossing some cash his way via this GoFundMe site. There was some confusion about a previous GoFundMe set up by a friend, who told me she jumped the gun a bit when she heard what happened to him. The current page was set up by a family member of Alvin’s.

Get well soon, Alvin! Here’s a Q13 report with more details on what happened:

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4 Responses to How you can help cycling patriot Alvin, who was assaulted last week

  1. Gary says:

    So is Alvin up at Harborview for the surgery?

  2. Blaeloch says:

    Tom, you meant to say the Seahawks/Panthers game…Thanks for posting this with the funding site.

  3. Doug Bostrom says:

    Thanks for the tip. Maybe bump this up? Campaign needs more attention…

  4. Kate & Brent says:

    Alvin & his wife Terry are two remarkable individuals that have become our mentors, our friends and part of our family. Alvin & Terry have such an intrinsic nature or essence about them that when you part ways with them, you ALWAYS FEEL UPLIFTED BY THEM IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE. We love them tremendously and we’re so thrilled Alvin made a fast & full recovery. We love you both very much!!

    Kate & Brent

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