Cascade announces 2015 event lineup + New Major Taylor Project fundraiser ride

0964a428-7939-4bd1-8f21-ac5c60645b2dCascade Bicycle Club has announced its 2015 ride schedule, which includes an all-new ride to raise money for the club’s Major Taylor Project. Focused on improving access to cycling to young people in underserved communities, the Major Taylor Project has become a higher profile priority for the club in recent years.

One major event missing from the lineup: The Seattle Bike Expo. As we reported previously, Cascade initially cancelled the event entirely. But Cascadia Events has since stepped up to revive a version of the Expo at a new location and under the new name The Seattle Bike Show.

The club is also offering a new deal for folks who want to do a whole lot of organized bike rides next year. A Cascade Season Pass will get you into almost all their major rides (excludes tours and Ride Around Washington) as well as a membership to the club and a jersey for $595. Wisely, they are pitching this as a good present idea this holiday season. Details:


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  1. David Boneham says:

    Hi Tom,

    There is a typo that needs your attention. In the 3rd line of the first paragraph you have typed “undeserved communities’. You missed the “R” which shifts the meaning in rather important ways; sort of like Shakespeare’s “so close to kin, so far from kind.”

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