Still time to snag a ticket to Saturday’s WA Bikes auction and gala – UPDATE: Closed

UPDATE 11/6: WA Bikes has closed registrations.

bikey-banner1Did you know that there is more to Washington state than just Seattle? It’s true! I’ve seen it. I’ve even biked through a bunch of it. It’s a pretty awesome place. And Washington Bikes is out there helping communities all across the state make bicycling safer and more accessible.

WA Bikes also works in Olympia every legislative season to pass necessary safe streets bills and push for safe streets funding. So if you have the dollars, you should snag a seat at their auction Saturday at the Waterfront Marriott and maybe bid on some stuff. If nothing else, there will be good company, and Cycling Sojourner Washington author Ellee Thalheimer will be the MC (she’s super cool, and so is her book).

The event also marks the one-year point with the organization’s new name. Previously known as the Bicycle Alliance of Washington, they solidified their change in mood and leadership by changing the more action-oriented name Washington Bikes. I usually find rebranding to be rather blah, but this one was effective and really has given them more of a clear identity (“alliance” sounded like they were a trade group or a parent group to other orgs).

Tickets are $90. (Full disclosure, WA Bikes has been advertising the event on this site and has offered Seattle Bike Blog a seat to attend.)

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