Join us November 9 for #ILookGoodOnAPronto, a bike share scavenger hunt

posterv3In fact, everyone looks good on a Pronto. There’s just something attractive about using efficient and fun modes of public transportation, especially when they’re bright green.

Well, Seattle Bike Blog invites you to an afternoon multimodal scavenger hunt around Seattle using only bike share, public transit and your own two feet. And, of course, you’ll have have to take a bunch of selfies along the way and post them to (you don’t actually need a smart phone to join the event, but you will need a camera of some kind).

Participants will get a list of locations to get to and photo challenges to complete before time is up. You are not allowed to use a personal bike or any kind of car/ride sharing, but you can mix public transit, Pronto and your own two feet. Remember that Pronto users must be 16 or older (family bike folks are allowed to bring their own bikes if they’re hauling kids, and people under 16 can ride their own bikes as well).

The event will end with an afterparty at Pike Brewing where we will have all kinds of prizes, like Pronto schwag and, if you’re lucky, a Top Banana Award (some mystery person mailed me a dozen of these last month and I don’t know why, but now you have a chance to win one!).

It’s free to enter, but you will be responsible for your own Pronto and public transit costs. And, of course, you gotta buy your own food and drinks.

The event starts at 11 a.m. November 9 on the covered sidewalk in front of the Washington State Convention Center at 7th and Pike (get there early to sign the waiver and such).

See you there!

If you want to help spread the word, RSVP via Facebook and invite your friends! You can print this pdf and hang ’em up or hand ’em out.

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  1. Guy de Gouville says:

    So since I’m under 16 I’m obviously going to be riding my own bike, but do I need an adult to sign the waiver or can I just show up by myself?

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