Help a Bike Shack volunteer build a portable bike-in movie theater

Click to donate to the Indiegogo campaign

Click to donate to the Indiegogo campaign

The problem with drive-in movie theaters wasn’t that they were outdoors. The problem was all the cars.

That’s why bike-in movies are so great. You can set one up in all kinds of spaces, invite people to bike or walk there and you’ll have a fun time watching a film outside together.

That’s why Jesse Card, a volunteer at northeast Seattle’s Bike Shack, wants to build a “guerrilla bike-in theater.” And Jesse could use your help making it happen. There are ten days left to crowdfund the project through Indiegogo, and it’s just under halfway to its modest goal.

Details from the campaign page:

It’s summer!  That means it’s time for bikes, warm weather, and outdoor movies!

I’ve had this idea for years to have a nice portable movie setup for having guerrilla bike-in theater.  Something you can bring to parks, rooftops, or wherever it’s awesome to hang out and enjoy warm summer nights with a movie and maybe even popcorn.  So far, I’ve just never pulled together the money to back the idea.

The Bike In Theater is designed to be borrowed and shared.  You too could have an outdoor movie in your neighborhood or backyard!

This will be a resource that can be shared in my community (Seattle) for all sorts of events throughout the summer.  Maybe even rent it with the funds benefiting the nonprofit bike shop I volunteer at, The Bike Shack.

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