Cascade members begin registering for big events + Stinky Spoke is Saturday

Screenshot from Cascade website

Screenshot from Cascade website

Registration opened this week for Cascade Bicycle Club’s major events, including the February 23 Chilly Hilly and the group’s legendary Seattle-to-Portland Classic (July 12-13 this year).

There’s a catch, though: You have to be a Cascade member to register early. But hey, if you really want to make sure you get a spot, you can always join.

Stinky Spoke

Screenshot from the Stinky Spoke website

Screenshot from the Stinky Spoke website

Can’t wait to get out there on a big group bike event? Well, there’s still time to register for Stinky Spoke Poker Ride 2014. The ride starts at Red Hook Brewery in Woodinville and involves some difficult climbs.

As you make it to checkpoints along the loop course, you’ll get a playing card. People with the best poker hand at the end will get prizes.

And hey, it’s for a good cause. Funds raised by the ride will go to Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center, which “brings equine-assisted therapies to children and adults with disabilities.”

Learn more at the Stinky Spoke website.

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3 Responses to Cascade members begin registering for big events + Stinky Spoke is Saturday

  1. Donna S says:

    So it looks like stinky spoke is a mountain bike ride? Would love to do a road ride like this.

  2. Al Dimond says:

    Holy crap, they’re climbing that hill. The one just east of Red Hook on the Tolt Pipeline Trail. The first time I was ever in the Pacific Northwest I was interviewing for a job in Canyon Park, took a run from my hotel down to and along the Sammamish River Trail, saw this hill and a trail up it looming in the distance, and decided I had to go up it. It is seriously a beast of a climb, even just running. Probably tougher than any road climb in the Seattle area — top competition I know of is Zoo Hill (which actually isn’t that hard if you go slow) and 4th Ave N (too steep to meaningfully pace yourself with anything resembling standard gearing, but mercifully short) — though I don’t know about other off-road climbs.

    I’ve always wanted to try my hand at biking up that hill (and, generally, biking along the pipeline from Lake Washington all the way to the source), but I’ve got other stuff going on that day.

    • Tom Fucoloro says:

      I won’t lie, I tried biking up that hill once and gave up. I put my bike down and just walked up the thing to see what was on the other side. Just walking up the hill made me tired.

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