Volunteers needed for iCan Bike camp, helping children with special needs learn to ride

From the iCan Bike website

From the iCan Bike website

Riding a bike is an essential part of being a child that should leave nobody behind. Some children need some extra time and attention or even a specialized bicycle before they are able to start pedaling, and that’s where iCan Bike Camp comes in.

All this week, children with special needs will be learning to ride bikes at Magnuson Park, and iCan Bike Seattle could use your help if you can work a little volunteer time into your schedule. Especially if you can help out between 11 and 12:30.

Learn more and sign up to volunteer on the iCan Bike Seattle website.

More details on the project, from their website:

Learning to ride a conventional bike provides a special needs child with so many benefits – self esteem, an opportunity to ride bikes with typical peers, independence, just to name a few. But for many special needs children, it can be very difficult to move past a bike with training wheels.

This special camp, designed by Dr. Richard E. Klein at the University of Illinois, is based on a proven adapted curriculum that helps children of all ages ‘lose the training wheels’.  For more information on the iCan Shine programs, please visit www.icanshine.org.

Northwest Special Families and the Down Syndrome Community are thrilled to be able to bring this fantastic program to the Seattle area this summer.

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2 Responses to Volunteers needed for iCan Bike camp, helping children with special needs learn to ride

  1. Bela Stoll says:

    I found out about this camp way to late to help out. Im really passionate about biking and helping people with special needs. I am at a big turning point in my life and want to spend alot of my time helping others.
    If there are ANY opertunitys in the future to help out with your efforts please feel free to contact me.

    Bela Stoll

  2. julie farmen says:

    Please send me information so that I can register for a class in summer of ’15 in Seattle. Thanks!

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