Bicycle Benefits Highlight: Peaks Frozen Custard

Peaks Co-Owner Tim hangs the BB window sticker. Photo from Ian Klepetar

Peaks Co-Owner Tim hangs the BB window sticker. Photo from Ian Klepetar

Bicycle Benefits is a national program that encourages bicycling and supports local businesses through deals that you can only get if you bike there and show your Bicycle Benefits helmet sticker ($5, available at most BB businesses).

Ian Klepetar, founder of Bicycle Benefits and a legend on wheels, is currently in town working to get more Seattle businesses signed up for the program. We will be doing a series of short highlights of some Bicycle Benefits businesses. You can also see all the Seattle businesses currently signed up by clicking “Bicycle Benefits” on the navigation bar.

First up: Peaks Frozen Custard at 65th and Roosevelt.

The Deal: 15% Off with your Bicycle Benefits sticker

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5 Responses to Bicycle Benefits Highlight: Peaks Frozen Custard

  1. Spoke & Food says:

    Good work PEAK’S! Congrats on your Bicycle Benefits membership and thank you for your “host restaurant” support at this year’s July 30th “Spoke & Food” biking and dining event. Go cycle everyone!

  2. AiliL says:

    What? None in West Seattle, c’mon BB – there’s lots of us on the Penninsula too!

  3. S. Morris Rose says:

    Worth noting is that Peaks’ frozen custard is as good as the best there is.

  4. Sarah says:

    Half off the price of Theo’s standard chocolate bars means our stickers have paid for themselves several times over… even without taking advantage of all the other BB goodies. (half off Kavu!)

    AiLil- BB has no control over which of your beloved West Seattle businesses choose to participate. However, YOU can suggest to some of your favorites that they should consider joining: Time to get off yer buns, stop complaining, and work to get stuff you want!

  5. Merlin says:

    If you shop at Central Coop, please let them know you’d like them to join Bicycle Benefits. I ran into Ian (the legendary founder of Bicycle Benefits) at the Coop the other day. He pointed out that those of us who do our shopping by bike are saving the Coop lots of money because we don’t use car parking spaces. Those spaces cost the Coop lots of money to build and to maintain. If all of us who shop by bike switched to driving (horrors!!), they would have to nearly double the size of the parking garage.

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