Find love on two wheels: Hub & Bespoke is bringing back Slow Ride Speed Date

Slow_Ride_Speed_Date_2013Because nothing’s quite as romantic as a bike ride, Hub and Bespoke (a SBB sponsor) is hosting another Slow Ride Speed Date.

Take a short cruise around Fremont with 13 prospective singles. Hey, you know you’ll have at least one thing in common: You both like biking!

(see also: BikeSexuality)

Details from Hub & Bespoke:

13 guys and 13 gals* sign up to participate, first come first served. At 6 p.m. on June 25th, you meet us at the shop WITH your bike for quick instructions and a pep talk (“You’re all wonderful people! Remember to ask the other person questions! Don’t crash your bike!”). You must have a bike to participate.

We’ll then move to the speed date area somewhere in the neighborhood. There will be a preset route that won’t change so you can focus on the conversation rather than on way-finding. Each ride will be about 3 or 4 minutes long, and you’ll go on one “date” ride with each participant of the opposite sex.
We’ll provide you with a little booklet that you can use to keep track of who you want to follow up with after the event. At the end of the event, we’ll collect the booklets and later notify you of any matches (i.e. anyone you choose to follow up with who also chooses you).

After the event, feel free to join us for a drink at a neighborhood watering hole (TBD). Then you can bike home and think to yourself, “That wasn’t so bad… Heck, it was downright fun!”

One last thing, and it’s important: For this round, we’re asking for participants aged 21 to 35’ish. The last couple times we hosted a speed date event, we got feedback that a little segmentation by age would be helpful, so we’re obliging that request and trying it out. In August we’ll be doing a round specifically for those 35’ish and up, so stay tuned if that’s your category! We won’t be enforcing the age cutoff, but rather leaving it up to you self-select which group to go with.

Due to logistics of a speed dating event, the June 25 event is only for people looking for someone of the opposite sex. However, if you are interested in a gay and lesbian event, be sure to email Hub & Bespoke. If they get enough responses, they’ll organize a separate event.

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7 Responses to Find love on two wheels: Hub & Bespoke is bringing back Slow Ride Speed Date

  1. Gary says:

    21 to 35 is still a pretty huge age gap…. Better to have a 21 to 29, a 30 to 39…. etc even 10 years is a lot but 15 has serious problems when one partner is 75 and the other only 60.. just saying.

    Also will there be catagories for people who ride fixie’s vs multi geared? What about folks who are only single wheeled as well as single? Don’t unicyclists need to meet? ;)

    Ya’know if they made everyone ride a tandem around the block, you’d have no trouble talking and very quickly realize whether you can stand to be with someone as tandem riding requires teamwork and if you can’t do that, life could be more difficult than necessary.

    • Matthew says:

      Gary, I know this may sound shocking, but some people just like to go on casual dates and aren’t particularly concerned about commitment and what the age difference will mean when they’re 75 and the other person is 60. I kind of doubt many people will sign up for this kind of event with the expectation that they’re going to meet “the one.” It sounds like a fun way to meet people with similar interests and potentially go on a couple of followup dates.

      • Gary says:

        True, but the age group is in the “meet someone” for more than a casual date. If all you want is that, Cascade has plenty of rides. And I’ve read that where the age group is too wide you can get signficantly older guys hitting on the younger women, which makes them uncomfortable, and then they don’t show up the next time around, which leaves you with older guys, and then nothing. Better to group people. Of course with something like this you could group your ‘dates rides’ within decade groups. Or indicate that preference.

        Of course if you only get a dozen people to bother to show up at all, you gotta work with what you get.

      • Sarah says:

        Gary – Yes, 15 years seems huge when you are in high school. Proportionally, it IS huge. But you will find as you get older that age differences matter less and less.

      • Gary says:

        I am older!… And like during high school the last leg of your life also has a huge difference in abilities/viewpoint/activities/interests. I notice that my friends who have one who is retired and the other still working have a lot of serious issues. It may not seem much of a deal during the middle part of your life but at the ends it will matter a lot.

    • Morgan Wick says:

      Claiming 75 to 60 is a huge age gap reminds me of the words of the great philosopher Linus Van Pelt: “Five years may not seem like a lot now, but it will when we’re older… why, good grief, when I’m ninety-five she’ll only be ninety!”

  2. Gary says:

    As a general comment, riding a bicycle should be a good way to get a second date, if this study has any value.

    Of course adding some traffic/anxiety is key!

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