King 5 Video: Tacoma business owners miss city-removed guerrilla crosswalk

The crosswalk before removal. Image via King 5

The crosswalk before removal. Image via King 5

One morning, they were just there: Crosswalks and a short bike lane in a Tacoma business district to help people get across a dangerous street.

Business owners loved it.

But the city recently spent $1,000 to grind away the illegal crosswalk paint, leaving one business owner to ask King 5, “How much is paint versus having this grinding machine…?”

Tacoma’s response was decidedly less polite than Seattle’s response to a recent guerrilla-installed protected bike lane on Cherry Street. But the message to both cities is clear: If your citizens feel they must resort to breaking the law in order to make your streets safe, you’re doing something wrong.

Watch the report:

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5 Responses to King 5 Video: Tacoma business owners miss city-removed guerrilla crosswalk

  1. Kate Martin says:

    I went to a meeting last week where the head traffic engineer for SDOT, Dongho Chang, talked about striping. He said that Seattle only stripes locations every 10 years, but that the product they use starts to fall apart after 1 year. After a few years there’s little evidence of any stripes or at least in the section of road where the vehicles rub it off. He said that there is a more expensive way of doing it that they use on the highways that lasts a very long time. I think we can’t afford cheap solutions that fail nearly immediately. If elected, I’ll switch us to the long term more expensive products because it’s completely unsafe to be without the needed striping of lanes and crosswalks. Additionally, a 10 year cycle is just too long between striping.

  2. Andres says:

    It’s kind of awesome that we have mayoral candidates commenting on here.

  3. Shirley says:

    I wonder if it wouldn’t have been taken down if it was deemed as “art”. It’s like those people who installed the illegal cycle track. Maybe the same folks.

  4. Patrick says:

    Good luck in your electoral bid, Kate. However, fail to keep your promise, and my relatives in Tacoma will remember it. And you will regret it.

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