This is what Seattle’s bike to school revolution looks like (VIDEO)

Hundreds of Bryant Elementary students filled the streets Wednesday for what had to be the biggest bike to school ride in Seattle history.

Seattle School District Superintendent José Banda rode with students and parents from Top Pot Doughnuts to Bryant. He told the crowd gathered for a rally at the end that the district aims to have at least one biking or walking school bus organized at every elementary and K-8 in the district by the 2013-14 school year.

“This is the first district in the country, that we’re aware of, that this is being done,” Banda told the crowd.

About half of the Bryant students walked, biked or unicycled to school Wednesday. Banda told the crowd that his goal is to get the entire district back to a 50 percent walking/biking rate last achieved half a century ago.

We also had the chance to speak with Anne King, one of the original organizers of Bike to Bryant’s now infamous doughnut rides. King (also one of the writers behind the awesome Seattle family biking blog has watched the event go from 10 or 20 kids to hundreds.

Big thanks to Robyn Ellis for her camera and editing work on the video.

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