BikeWA: State has chance to invest in vital walking and biking trails throughout the state

Washington State has many incredible opportunities for expanding and connecting regional walking and biking trails. The Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition and its many partners are working to get a list of valuable trails on the state’s capital construction budget, and they need your help.

There are no Seattle projects on the list, but there some in the region. Live near any of them? Contact your state senator!

From the Bicycle Alliance of Washington:

Right now, the Washington State Senate is working to develop the state’s capital construction budget and we need your help to let them know that trail investments are a priority for Washingtonians.

Many of our state’s bicycle trails depend on investments from the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP). Funded through the capital construction budget, WWRP has a track record of growing our state’s trail network through a competitive grant process that requires community leadership and support. In the next two years, we have an opportunity to invest in eight great trail projects in every corner of the state.

Our friends at the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition are leading the charge. This year, over 280 organizations (including BAW) representing business, recreation and conservation are asking for $90 million for the WWRP in the state’s capital construction budget. A number of great bicycle trail projects would be funded if the state invests $90 million for WWRP, including these:

If you happen to live near one of these trails or know them well, contact your state senator and convey the following:

  • The Washington Wildlife & Recreation Program plays a key role in Washington’s quality of life and $22 billion dollar outdoor recreation economy by protecting wildlife habitat, preserving working farms, and providing state and local parks. Of particular interest to me are the bicycle trails that this program funds.
  • The WWRP grant program is time-tested, proven and fair. A nationally recognized independent ranking system not only ensures that only the best projects are funded but also that communities across the state, large and small, can fairly compete for limited state dollars.
  • Will you support the WWRP (and the specific bicycle trail projects of interest) at $90 million?

Thank them and let them know that today is the time to make a great investment in Washington state.

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